Our Services for Businesses

Whether you want to expand your business presence to Thailand, look for a new
source of products from Thailand, or want to sell to businesses in Thailand, we can help you.

Selling to Thailand Market?

We have helped clients with both B2C and B2B business models. Don’t worry about hiring a sales team on the ground in Thailand, let us assist you with it. Especially if you just start expanding your business to Thailand, let us help you find quality leads and customers – a great way to assess the new market’s opportunity.

➲ B2B Cold Calling & Sales Service

With our professionalism and our team’s experience in working for big corporations in Thailand, we have proven successful outcomes in helping our clients tap into big companies like CP and Singha. We can help you with;
Quality Lead Generation
Cold Calling
Company Visit e.g. to present your product and service

➲ B2C Sales Service

We have direct experience with e-commerce as our company also sells our products through Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, and Shopify stores. We also publish our Thailand vs. Globe brand’s content through Youtube, Blog, and Social Media. These experiences allow us to competently assist you in doing business in Thailand. We can support you with;
Listing your products on e-commerce platforms in Thailand
Promote your products through social media
Write a Thai sales copy that will sell in Thailand
▸ Fulfillment service
▸ Find your business office/warehouse in Thailand

Sourcing Products from Thailand?

We have helped many clients source quality products from Thailand, from clothing to cement. Multiple times, our service prevented clients from getting scammed by fake Thai suppliers. And you no longer have to worry about any cultural and language barriers when doing business in Thailand. We can assist you with;
Finding the best suppliers
Checking suppliers’ financial background and status
Visiting company and factory to ensure the supplier has a legit business
▸ Communicating and negotiating with suppliers on your behalf

Navigating the Thailand market?

Before deciding to do business in Thailand, if you want to comprehend the potential competition and find out the existing gaps in the market and the new business opportunities, we offer both qualitative and quantitative research services. Our founder is a skilled market researcher who did different types of market research projects for big FMCG brands like Unilever, Kraft, Pepsi, and Philip Morris, just to name a few. We can help you with both primary and secondary research including;
Detailed market and industry data
Details of competitors’ pricing structure
Market response to your new launch
▸ Survey research and analysis to understand your target audiences in Thailand

Organizing an Event in Thailand?

Are you organizing an event in Thailand and need help with that? We can help you prepare whatever is needed before or during the time your team arrives in Thailand, including.
Coordinating with relevant parties of the event
Printing out marketing materials in preparation for the event
Making restaurant, meeting room, and hotel reservation

Other Thailand Related Things?

Ultimately, we provide business consulting services with professional English-speaking associates on the ground in Thailand. So if you need help with anything in Thailand, please reach out to us. Even if we do not have particular expertise in your industry or requirements, we are confident that we can help guide you in the right direction and to suitable business partners. We can help you with this.
Finding your potential partners
Recruiting your employees
Finding content creators for your business
▸ Shooting content for your business

What’s next?
How does it work?
Payment method

Our preferred payment method is Paypal since it is the securest for both us and our clients. However, if you or your company prefer direct bank transfer in your currency, we also have that option available.